About Manufactured Homes

About Manufactured Homes

Modern Manufactured Homes and Manufactured Modular Homes rival conventional homes in quality, while in some ways they are even superior to homes built on site. Manufactured homes are built as strong as conventional homes. Our homes are designed to be transported hundreds of miles down the highway at up to 60 miles per hour, they are actually stronger than many homes built on site. No site-built home would survive such a journey.


In the past, manufactured homes were considered a low-end alternative to conventional site-built homes. Manufactured home offers the same high-quality materials common in site built homes. With features such as oak and ash cabinetry and trim, sky lights, whirlpool baths and fireplaces are all available from today’s manufactured home builders.


Building a house in a factory has many advantages over building on the site, and these translate to lower cost and higher quality for the customer. The factory offers workers an ideal environment for the construction of the home. Their workplace is more like an automobile assembly line than a conventional construction site. Workers make the same home, or even the same wall, over and over again, and as we all know, practice makes perfect. Another key point is that homes built on the site are exposed to the elements during construction. Bare wood is exposed to the rain, and even ice and snow. Manufactured homes, on the other hand, are built indoors and the vulnerable wood is not exposed to weather. As a result of these advantages, manufactured homes offer precision found only in homes built by the best (and most expensive) on-site contractors.


One area where manufactured homes far outshine site-built homes is speed of delivery. An on-site general contractor must coordinate many subcontractors, all of whom are likely to have responsibilities at other job sites. Construction is frequently delayed, and families are forced to find other living arrangements while they wait for their new home to be completed. This is much less likely with a factory-built home delivered to the site because the builder has complete control over all the variables in his factory and will know exactly when your home will be ready to be moved to the site. Once it has arrived, setting it up is much more simple than building an entire home from scratch, and you will soon be able to move in.

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